How To Use Accessibility Check Point In QTP

Like another checkpoints,QTP provides one more check point to check websites.
web industry is becoming boom now. Designers create a lot of webpages with their customized codes,logos,pictures etc. But they must follow the w3 school's guidelines for developing web.
Mostly it is based on customer's requirements and guideline that abide by the W3 school's guidelines.
Accessibility check point:
It verifies whether the webpage in our web application is developed according to W3C (World Wide Web consortium) Rules and Regulations.

This can be configured as below written:
  • Active X control check
  • alt property for images check
  • Applet check
  • Frame title check
  • Multimedia link check
  • Server side image check
  • Table check

Configuring accessibility checkpoint: 
Tools menu--> options-->web--> advanced--> check/uncheck items--> click apply--> click ok
How to insert:
under recording mode with web environment >insert>checkpoint>accessibility checkpoint>show the webpage>click ok>click ok>stop recording.

You can check out this link to know how the checkpoint info is saved in QTP
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  1. Hi Animesh Chatterjee,

    This is Bheemraj.

    I am doing automation using QTP 11 and facing the issue of Drag and Drop in Java application.

    There are 2 Java trees from where i pick 1 element from 1 tree and other element from other tree, Then i need to drag and drop both objects into a Javatab.

    I was succeeded to do in analog recording mode but since i need to use different combination of elements from 2 trees analog recording mode will not help.

    I have tried to do with Mousedrag option but i always need to know to co-ordinates of the source and target which is not feasible.

    So please let me know if any alternate way to succeed with drag and drop option.



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