What Are The Checkpoints Available in QTP

Automation can not test all cases. It requires a stable environment to work.All automation tools nowadays capable of storing screenshot and video. So execution verification and debugging is very easy.Every automation has its own reporting process.Most of the functional automation cases are capable of providing value to performance testing.Mostly automation scripts are for regression testing.
With the advancement of functional automation testing, it became very important to verify the flow. Verification can be of link,text,count of links,appearance of images,images etc. QTP provides different approaches to verify these points.Checkpoint approach is one of them. Check points play very important role while designing our automated scripts. It really checks if whatever we are expecting are there or not.Check point is a verification point, it takes expected result from the user and compares with actual results during execution and provides test results. Mainly Check points are used for Data validation.When combined with regular expression,it can be a great tool for assertion in QTP.
In expert view once Check point is configured QTP prompts to use the same.

There are 10 Checkpoints available in QTP: They are listed below:

Serial No# Checkpoint Name Description Example or use
1 Standard check point Checks values of objects Mostly check if the checkbox is checked or editbox is enabled etc
2 Text check point Checks if the text srting is displayed in correct place Check if the correct string has appeared
3 Text area check point text area is a place in web or window based application where a long text string can be placed. This check point checks if the text appread in the defined area. Checks if the text is appear in correct area.
4 Bit map check point Check an area of a web page or application after capturing it as bitmap Check that Web page or any portion of it is displayed as expected.
5 Data base check point Checks the contents of database Check that the value in a database query is correct.
6 Accessibility check point Identify areas of website to check for section 508 compliance  Mostly checks the W3C guidelines.
7 XML Check point (from Application)/(from Resource) Checks the data content of XML documents checks the contents of an element to make sure that it's tag attributes and values have not changed.
8 Page check point Checks the characteristics of a webpage like load time,checks if the page is loaded correctly, checks the broken links
9 Image checkpoint Checks the property value of an image. Checks the source of a file and correctness about the same.
10 Table checkpoint Checks the information in a table. Checks if the value in a table cell is correct.
Note 1: From 6 to 10 checkpoints are only for Web.

Note 2: From 9 to 10 checkpoints are hidden checkpoints, we can insert these checkpoints through standard checkpoint.

These checkpoints can not be added manually they can only be inserted via QTP's recomanded way to insert or via QTP's interface. Remember here except standard checkpoints, all checkpoints need to configure during recording mode. So please do it during recording phase only.

The checkpoints information get stored in Object Repository. “.mtr” file .That  is inside the local action folder. That’s why we will capture all these checkpoints during record mode.

Result of checkpoint can be viewed in the test result window. In case if we want to modify the checkpoint, then just right click on the checkpoint and change the property of the object.
It is seen that many a time test engineers keep changing these property to test different check points,but this is not good for maintainability. As per best practise , we must create different checkpoints for different testing.

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