How to Use Database Checkpoint In QTP

When we talk about the client server architecture, we talk about  front end and back end. So whenever we give any value from front end it stores data in back end database. Database checkpoint checks the contents of database accessed by application(front end). Database check points creates a check on record set.
QTP captures the the current record set and treats as it as Expected data.
However Database can be inserted into test or components and it can be modified as per our we do not need to put tool under Recording mode and we do not need AUT since data is from backend.
There are two ways by which we can configure database checkpoint:

  • Microsoft Query builder
  • Manual query creation

Insert  Menu > checkpoint > Database checkpoint >choose "specify SQL statement manually" option >click next > click create > select machine data source > Select DSN (QT_flight32) > click ok > enter SQL statement (select * from orders) > finish > click ok.

You can check out this link to know how the checkpoint info is saved in QTP
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