Standard Checkpoint in QTP

Standard Checkpoint:
It checks object property values. We can use this checkpoint for checking any property value.
Navigation for Inserting standard checkpoint
Keep tool under recording mode > place cursor in desired location > Insert > check point > Standard checkpoint > Show the object > click okay > select property and enter expected results & click Ok and stop Recording.
Navigation for Editing standard checkpoint
Select Checkpoint statement and right click > choose checkpoint properties option > modify the value > click Ok.
Navigation for Deleting standard checkpoint:
Select Checkpoint statements and right click > choose delete option.
Inserting Standard check points through active screen:
View > Active Screen >place cursor in desired location >Place mouse pointer on active screen & right click> choose insert standard checkpoint option > click ok > enter expected result > click ok
Note: Inserting Standard check points through keyword view same as in expert view.
Note: We can insert standard checkpoints in 3 ways.
  1. Through expert view,
  2. Through keyword view,
  3. Through Active screen.
Mainly below can be tested through QTP Standard Checkpoints…
  1. Image
  2. Web Table
  3. General window table
  4. Web page general properties
  5. Any custom property for web
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