How To Use Text Checkpoint in QTP

Text Checkpoint:
It Checks object's text property value in different ways.

Keep tool under Recording mode >Insert menu > checkpoint > Text checkpoint > Show the object > click ok > Select options
(Match case; ignore spaces, exact match, text not displayed.)
We can select one or more options > click ok & stop Recording.
We can insert a text checkpoint while recording a script in qtp.
example suppose i want to insert a text checkpoint for agent name in sample Flight application.follow the steps
1)click on record button
2)invoke the Flight application
3)Insert the agent name
5)In qtp click insert menu
6)select the text checkpoint option
7)place the cursor over the Agent name text field.
8)select the text checkpoint properties
9)click on ok
10)continue to record the remaining script
11)stop the recording and replay the script
12)see the report

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