About Me:Animesh Chatterjee

Who I am??

I am  Animesh Chatterjee, writer and owner of this blog. I work as a Senior Software Test Engineer in a MNC right now. I have 6+ years of experience in the testing Arena. Few success stories i have with me as..
  • Mapping client/business requirements and providing customize software solutions involving finalization of product specifications and selection of appropriate techniques.
  • Conducting system study & coordinating with team members for System Design & Integration, Application Maintenance, etc.
  • Designing and coordinating the implementation and availability of the QA test environments, and ensuring compatibility of QA test.
  • Creating test plans, test scenarios, test cases and test scripts/procedures for carrying out GUI, Functional, Regression and Integration Tests at various stages in the SDLC.
  • Designing and executing test plans and gap analysis to ensure that business requirements and functional specifications are tested and fulfilled; generating Unit Test Defect / Review Reports.
  • Verifying change requests & defects; tracking & communicating test plans, test results & unresolved problems; updating Error Log / Suggestion Log & explaining system bugs to programmers.
  • Setting out quality standards for various operational areas, ensuring a high-quality customer experience, while adhering to the SLAs and work processes.
  • Involved in creating awareness for driving the projects and process improvement strategy & methodology, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Monitoring the overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximize customer satisfaction level.
  •  Worked as a Quality Control Agent (QCA) for the reassessment of Genpact regarding CMMi initiative. 
  • Introduced the Quality Tools like-Judoka, Pokayoke, VMS to reduce non value add to the organization as well as client’s process.

Automation Testing ToolQuick Test Professional 8.2//9.5, Fiddler, Link,Checker, LoadRunner (Beginner), Auto IT, VBA-Macro
Bug Tracking Tool Quality Centre,Bugzilla,Gemini,iManage,Ideas
Languages  C, Java, J2EE,JSP,TSL,VB Scripting,Java Script
Web Design HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS (beg)
Database MS-Access, My SQL,Oracle-9i,11i

What is my objective:

While i was testing different application I found the suitable code is not available on Internet. Automation Engineers need to google too much to find out a solution for a code. I tried to rectify that gap. Besides these i try to answer my readers problems. So  if you are 

* stuck inside code --no idea how to navigate further....this is your blog
* looking for tech news update ...this is your blog
* Preparing new framework for test automation and you need different approach in detailed...this is your blog
* Preparing for testing exam........this is your blog
* Looking for job......this is your blog
When I update my blog:
I update my blog very often 2/3 post per day basis. So please check out the first page at least daily basis.

Where you will catch me:

Discussing things--FAN Clubhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Ask-QTP/232227250144632
Follow the Bloghttp://networkedblogs.com/followblog.php?name=ask_qtp
Follow in Twitterani01104
Mail Me your problemanimesh.chatterjee@inbox.com
Mail Me your problemani01104@gmail.com

Few of my success stories:
Distinction of receiving the following awards in Genpact
  •   Spot Prize for Developing DOFDA Framework coder in May 2006.
  •   Outstanding Contribution Award in Q-2, 2006 
  •   Spot Prize for taking the extra initiative other then the usual work in Dec’2006
  •   Spot Prize for out standing contribution award in GE Energy Aviation Project Dec’2006. 
  •   GE Energy Best Team Award. 
  •   Spot Prize for outstanding contribution towards GE Wind Germany Project May 2007.
  •   Best Case Study” award from Genpact Feb’2007 
  •   Best Knowledge Management award from Genpact Feb’2007 
  •   Mr. Popular award in 2007.
  •   I-Quest 2nd best idea to words reduction of cost for Kolkata site April’2007 
  •   Bronze Award for boundary less behaviour inside the organization and for saving customer for Genpact in   a very critical situation in May’2007
  •   Outstanding Contribution Award” in Q-4, 2007 
  •   Spot Prize for outstanding contribution towards GESS in May’2008.
  •   Voice of Lean award in May’2008. 
  •   Bronze Award on Innovative idea
  •   Spot Prize for taking extra initiative and drive Lean in the organization in August’2008
  •   Silver Award for retaining customer in a very crucial and time crunch situation in September 2008 
  •   Bronze Award for wining VMS in Nov’09
  •   Bronze Award for successful delivery of 3 internal projects  in Nov’09 
  •   Bronze Award for wining Xclelerate idea generation in Dec’09 
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  1. wow its grate to see a person who is there to help us in case of problems with testing.


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