12 top features of today's Automation Testing Framework

Hope you have enjoyed Part -1 of Features of today's Automation Testing Framework ...Now this is the second part where i am going to discuss few advanced feature of automation framework.

1. Extended environment and multitool Support: Most of designed framework is not environment neutral. They support only one Operating system or one tool specific. Please build a framework that will work for multiple OS or in multiple tool. This can be achieved through designing a  loosely coupled system.

2. Your framework should comply with HIPPA or SOX guideline.

3. Library Architecture: The library file of your framework should have a proper and clear architecture to support the advanced configurations.

4.Advanced features: Any technical change should be caught by framework itself and handle properly.In this way also try to capture the delayed fuse bugs like -memory leak wild pointers etc.

5.Configure Recovery Scenarios: While advancing forward ,framework should have ability to handle the unexpected exceptions. Every tool has its own way of handling exceptions.Use that to configure recovery scenario.Please handle known issues with code itself. As the more intelligence you will put into a framework..it will slowdown the process.

6. Reporting feature:  In my opinion the new age framework should report in HTML format. The header level talks about the summary report..No of pass ,no of failed, Execution start,Execution ends,Duration,Performed by. But the downwards of the report it should give the detailed view...each testcase..expected objective,actual objective,status, pass/fail.
A good option could be configured that if there is a failure case, framework must take a screenshot ,save it as .png format and give the path inside of the report.
Another improvement could be to mail the details of step to the point of contact or the automation engineers.
marketing strategy (presentation,report sharing,demo) can also bring lot of ideas .The main mantra is to engage all.

7.Self documentation: This is one more improvement that can be implemented is the self documentation of steps performed. Gradually this feature will give proper navigation step validation and data validation in future.
8.Data driven Capability:  The framework should support a test that is data driven.Sometimes we see on the same form , if the data entered is different can lead to a creation of different products.So a framework must have a plug in data driven functionality builder.
9.Ease of debugging and logging: A framework should give a easy debugging feature so that the code executed by any test engineers or a customer can debug the code easily. One of the best method could be linear cod generation.
10.Execute without monitoring the scripts: A better ROI can only obtained only if the test is executed without monitoring.Test engineers only responsible for creation of correct scripts. Execution can only happen when it is not monitored.
always listen or give proper value to the feedback of the users.They may pin point lot of relevant process and practise issues.Even they may advice standards.This is very important for long term success.
11. Dynamic Data handle: When a test engineer wants the same test to be executed on different data.Framework should support him with easy excel plugins of data and also give flexibility to repeat the test how many times needed with different data.
12.Distributed Nature: Framework should have flexibility to design and execute the test in different machines without any problem. Design and execution should be in Distributed mode.

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