Architecture of B.P.T framework

imageBPT stands for Business Process Testing. BPT is the first web based test design software.Mercury (now a days HP)’s best approach towards test automation project is to keep SME’s busy by designing automated script while the test automation engineers are busy with the coverage.
in our traditional BPT framework automation is divided into two halves…
  1. one is to design the component(might be reusable or business based)
  2. to use them in a drag and drop manner and execute them
So it can be told that BPT framework is a three tire architecture.where the first tire is for higher management who look after the requirements vs testing.Management can report and assign a test,
Second tire is for automation test engineers who design the components.The major advantage of this framework that the automation test engineers do not need to know the functional flow.So they can create a component,create function library and create the Object repository.
and the last tire is for SMEs who design the test.They can select components by drag and drop.They can configure the input as many possible combination as possible.The can debug the test plan.They can add/delete the test plan.Most importantly they can execute.
The first part(the light blue part of the picture) is done by the Automation engineers. in this part automation engineers design functional library,create necessary object repository files and finally create components.
Say I need to automate
  • login to the portal
  • create customer
So automation engineers create a component called Login.This login will use two common functions..
  1. editing a text filed for id
  2. editing a text filed for password
  3. click on a submit button.
Again for second component they create Create_customer
  1. editing a text filed with name
  2. editing a text filed with address
  3. editing a text filed with ph no
  4. click on a submit button.
These functions will come from function libraries.Function library might be divided into two halves--
  • Pure business library
  • Pure common function library
They will upload these component in Quality centre.
Now the SME’s will create a test(light red part of the picture) .Take these component in drag and drop manner and design the same.They will configure the input and output file as a set of data.Then they will run this test from QC. After successful test run they will go to output file and will validate the result.

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