Object Oriented Approach to speed up automation testing execution time




There are several approaches in the market to generate your script and  the framework implementation. But we need to think a manner where script development time ,script maintenance time becomes less.Most importantly we need to find an approach where the execution time is also become less.

What is the importance of downing the execution time?

Well, i am inspired by a philosophy that automation test engineers should not loose time by executing test script. All the test script should be configured once and should be able to run unmanned manner. More over these scripts will run in a computer assisted environment. Computer is not that intelligent as we are.If you insert enough intelligence into script it might slow down the process and on the other side intelligence is less..there is a chance that script will error out. So what is the best approaches to automate your script that will serve long without issue is a question.

Object Oriented Approach:
Object oriented programming approach gives a script longer life than the normal coding standard. This approach is having very minimal maintenance cost.Encapsulation creates a layer between the application and the main function.If behavior based files can be created,that model or framework or script become more reliable and flexible. I have seen the reusability also become high with this approach.The scalability also become high.

So the approach is create a business logic based file which will different functions.

Say i have a  file called Customer_related

inside this i have defined functions …

  • Create_Customer
  • Define_Role

The calling will be very simple

Create Obj_customer=new Customer_related

  • Obj_customer.Create_Customer(parameters)
  • Obj_customer.Define_Role(Parameters)

So if something goes wrong in Create_Customer function we need to modify only that function.We don’t need to touch other functions.

Again when initialized at first everything of the file goes to primary memory and calling of different function become extremely fast.

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