Websecurify a nice free security tool


I was using this tool for testing one of my site for security.I am satisfied with that tool…this really help the developer test engineers and web site owners for checking the security aspect of their site..

Let me go through it slowly…..To start with this is an open source tool…yahoooooooooooo…yes you find a correct tool for testing.


  • This tool is for experts and casual web site owners.
  • No training is needed for using this tool.
  • No special configuration is needed.
  • Works perfectly on web and for web based testing
  • Nice reporting
  • Most importantly it gives multiplatform support Windows, Mac OS and Linux


  • Only supports web.
  • Bit slow for heavier site.

how is works:

Step-1.You need to download the exe.

Step-2 Install it.

Step-3 Open the installed application and go to home.

Step-4:  Click on the first icon(main window in the image)


Step-5: Give your url to the target text box  click on ok.



The reporting or result is straight forward..



I strongly recommend this tool for security testing for basic level.

Websecurify a nice free security tool Websecurify a nice free security tool Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on September 30, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. it is taking lots of time .

  2. @Anonymous
    yes generally for a large website it takes long time to generate the loop holes


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