What are the disadvantages of record playback framework

Record playback framework is the quickest way to develop test scripts.It is having zero re usability. It commonly follows spaghetti test development pattern.Non technical or novice coders can develop Automation testcase.
Test iteration is controlled by Run Tab of test settings.Action options can be configured to Action call properties.
Let us understand how many recordings are there in QTP.
There are 3 types of recording:

  1. Normal Recording - done on standard object . Mainly context sensitive. It is the default recording mode. By this QTP recognizes the application property depends on assistive and mandatory property. Mainly click,dbclick,drag,drop etc
  2. Analog Recording- Based on the track. Records the movement of the mouse. This is useful when objects are not identified by regular recording mode. It is relative to the screen or to the specific window. if screen changes by dimension, it is very difficult to handle. It can record the keyboard operation though.
  3. Low level-It is applicable when QTP can not identify the object at all with the above two methods. It records all run time objects.It is also dependent on position. QTP xcan automatically switch to low level recording if needed. 
Let us look at how QTP runs in those cases: Run mode also have three categories.

  1. Normal mode of running: Useful for debugging. Executes slowly and lets us see the application changes.
  2. Fast mode: It is good when your application is fully up and running. Executes very fast. Not recommended when application is slow or responding slowly.
  3. Update mode: useful when application is changing. We can update the objects description,the check point values,active screen image. But it can not update the parameterized values  such as datatables,environment variables. Navigation Automation-->Update Run mode 

Let us understand what are the disadvantages of record-playback framework.
  1. It is one time activity
  2. The data is not parametarized hence coded values are present [I mean test data are hard coded]
  3. Scalability is low.
  4. No potability
  5. Maintenance is high.
  6. ROI is lowest among all the framework
  7. Test assets,reusability and resource productivity is lowest among all the framework
  8. This type of script is not reliable.
  9. Can not handle complex test design
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