How to design Advanced Business Process Testing

This is the architecture of the HP quality center's BPT framework in a lay man's view.
Off course, i am talking about the business components.This is the high level key word driven architectural view.

Business Process testing is a summation of flows.And flows are divided into components. Then the next question will come as what is a component??

 A component is the smallest set of code which does a specific task.You can say unique functional element which can not be sub divided.We try to maximize the usability of the component so that it can be reused at different level.
Test Process is collection of such components.
A component is a summation of some reusable code or in advanced BPT these are only human readable

On top of this there are libraries available,Such as
  • Project Specific lib--Flows that are common only for a specific project
  • Navigation lib---A small set of functions that reads from datatable and handles navigation related queries
  • Environment lib--Details of environment are passed from here
  • Common lib---Set of functions common across Projects.
Say--Do_login it is a small unique functionality of any application.It can not be further divided into pieces.
So it is an example of Components.Now what is inside of a components--some set of codes or a keyword structure that performs User Interface related activities.There it might call the Navigation lib to perform Navigation to a certain portal.
Example of Keyword-


Example of full component Do_login
for this login components we need to initialize first then load the component

this URL will come from the navigation library
Again the launch_Browser is  a common function will come from common library.
After login there might occur two scenarios.
  1. Successful login
  2. Failure login
there must a check point to check the login operation
So the algo for component development is...
  • LoadComponent(Coponent_Name)
  • Call launch_Browser(URL)
  • textfield--id--settext-"abc"
  • textfiled--password--settext--"XXX"
  • button-Submit-press
  • Validation of login code
  • Unload Component
Block Diagram of a BPT framework::
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