11 Reasons to Go for HTML 5

For years HTML is the key for designing and building web content. There are standards and guidelines for building Webpages with HTML as well. Now with the current version of HTML(HTML-5), developers can dream for a easy way to build webpages.
The current scope is a summation of CSS,HTML and Javascript.

How it is going to help us:

  • It  is light. So webpage loads very quick
  • This is a perfect fit for mobiles and tablets.
  • Provides support for cross platform programming.
  • Nice build architecture with the help of HTML,CSS and Javascript.

The upgraded feature HTML 5 will you give you..

  1. Better audio and video configuration and sure get rid of lot of plug ins to support them.again Flash is a buggy product.So bye bye embed code. Instead HTML supports Audio Video tags.Same like Image tag  Read more on media here.
  2. New canvas technology will give you lot more flexibility to integrate with flash javascript etc. hence drawing of lines,texts etc becomes easy.Also It generates cleaner code.
  3. Can have offline access to web as it supports offline storage.
  4. Much more interactive sites can be made with HTML-5 semantics. The semantic elements enhance the user experience and touch several areas. Internationalization, interchangeability Search etc. Read here for more on Semantics. Also for perfectly designing of a page you can refer here(Algorithm)
  5. Standard and non standard CSS can be visible to pages.Also few portion of a page which was unavailable to the users can be accessed with W3schools new framework on HTML-5
  6. Great  support for mobile devices.With Geo-location API Javascript can fetch geo related data and can support GSM,GPS,IP address,Wifi,Bluetooth. Truly supporting Mobile devices
  7. Stronger support for web worker and forms filling information.Also supports push technology to support Ajax request which uses HTTP to communicate.
  8. Better markup support with less tags
  9. UTF-8 becomes the only standard character set
  10. DOM support is finally active. With greater Web storage technology the storage in cookie becomes higher upto 10 MB that too in client side.The APIs session and local Storage API runs apps without plugins.
  11. Greater Javascript APIsupport. This is truely a build once and run multiple times anywhere type code.The current structure also helps old mobile devices.

For More Check out this
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