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English is the second highest speaking language after Mandarin.But it is the best international language of communication in every aspect( Business deals, Science, Technology etc).English is also having a lot of words to express your voice. It is having the  biggest vocabulary of the world.

Learning of English is fun.Because there are so many rules and deviation. Rules and Guidelines are compared to the internal structure of a house . Where as they color, finishing  can be compared with the communicability of English.
But structure and finishing comes together.

There is no end for communal English.The more you learn the more you gain. I use to read a lot of articles on English. Today i found an useful app and site for improvement on English.I want to venture the same ...
Well , to gain access to this app can directly go to...Chrome Web store and search for English..

In the right side you will  get all the relevant links and apps.

Click on the Add to Chrome ...
on the home page of the will get the link as ...

Alternatively you can go to and register you self to learn English.
I strongly recommend this app for the school goers, college goers even for office goers. This lessons will improve the English strength no doubt.

Why you will consider this site:

1. You can download the audio part.
2. You can check the Lesson notes as a pdf and can save for future reference.
3. You can get line by line audio transcript.
4. You can get Premium Lesson checklist.
5. You can get Vocabulary Flashcard.

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