Nine advantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is becoming hot today. I chalked out few points which advocates the Email marketing. 
These are---

 • It is helpful to distribute information to wide range of customers at a time.
 • Only targeted customers and potential clients are sent emails.
 • The cost of email marketing is relatively low compare to other types of marketing.
 • Compared to other media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters, e-mail is less expensive.
 • E-mail marketing, often reported as second only to search marketing, is the most effective online marketing tactic.
 • The delivery time for an e-mail message is short (i.e., seconds or minutes) as compared to a mailed advertisement.
 • E-mail messages are easy to track. An advertiser can track users via auto responders, web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribe requests, read receipts, click-throughs, etc. these mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate sales with marketing.
 • Repeated business is generated with less affords and automatically.
 • Advertisers can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have oppted in to receive e-mail communications on subjects of interest to them. E-mail marketing is eco-friendly.

 Targeted E-mail Marketing
 Targeted E-Mail marketing is an excellent tool to drive target audience and convert them into potential customers while serving them.
 Targeted E-Mail Marketing can be crucial in building an in-house database, which can be highly valuable as a resource to generate sales with repeated and prospective customers, or as a method for conducting e-marketing research.
 Electronic mail campaigns are quick to reach and accurate way to test target markets, and they offer lower cost solution than traditional direct mail campaigns.
 E-mail Marketing is the fastest growing area nowadays for direct sales. Email is a multipurpose tool, simple to organize, as long as your data base is in good shape. It is the fastest media to generate new business avenues and generate the sales.

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