Features of today's Automation Testing Framework Part-3

Hope you have enjoyed Part one and part two of Framework Building. Now I can say It is bit updated framework. This post will talk more about the fine tuning your framework development.
Portability:When I said Distributed nature in part two What I mean that any test can be operated from any machine.Let us improve the framework little bit more. I can copy the master driver which will automatically create the folder structure add up the necessary dependent files and will be ready to run any testcases.
Ease of Functionality:  This can be achieved when we can give user a platform where user can plug in and plug out any extra feature he/she required/not required respectively.Like Manager , business analysts and functional people can control global testing without knowing the tool.This will truly become Skill Utilization too.
Capture all : Yes!!! that is the key for a successful  framework.Always capture Step information,log,Success criteria,Exit and entry criteria and Error Information.
Scoping and Descoping:   The more you make your framework user friendly , by providing Easy controlled and controllable actions ,More it will be a go to tool for all.This feature will allow business user to scope a set of testcases or scenario for a specific business flow.
Advanced Coverage: The more you fine tune your application the more the test engineers are going to use it.If your Framework supports Negative testing ,their is nothing like it.Manual persons also can jump into your framework to speed up their application testing.It is nothing but to increase your coverage i.e Automation Coverage This simply saving manual effort.
NO Object Repository:  Now a days testing demands very fast execution and report generation.Please refer one of my post on Having Repository.So now a days people like to have a pattern based testing where there will be no Object Repository.Pattern will detect the type of field and will do actions.
Hassle Free Integration: Framework should support a Hassle free way to integrate a newly build module. I suggest a GUI component to do this integration. By this an Automation test engineer or a functional test engineer can make a code and can submit for further use.Framework should not be so complicated that integration of modules will take lot of time and it requires a lot of effective testing time.
Implementation of Source control System : This is one of the basic criteria to make an advanced framework.Yes!!! Track your source code to make everybody understand what kind of change is applied upon the code.History will make sure if the piece of code is untouched or error prone and who has done what kind of change.There is always a chance that the new code is error prone and can create regression. For that case we can always go back to previous version.   
Recordings: New framework should support video recording of each and every testcase execution report. Based on the requirements, framework should support the pass video or fail video along with steps and logs.
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