How to give test URL to my framework

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Hi Animesh
How to change/give environment name dynamically -to my framework? .Right now we are hardcoding in our scripts.

Hi Veenetha,
Thank you very much for writting me!! I am trying my level best to solve your query.

Well veenetha,there are several ways how you can insert environment name into your framework:----
1)Ofcourse,I agree,the hardcoding into a script is one of the options.
 String  URL=""
2)The second improvement could be,you can create a dialog box(input to take the environment.This you will place master/global driver and the value you will pass to the child scripts.

Or,you get the URL from user and save it to the notepad and read it dynamically afterwords.
3)Create an environment file for providing URL.I found advantage on creating a separate file for environment details.Updation is very easy and effective.
Say active_URL=""
Tomorrow you can change it to

My personal suggestion is to go with either 2 or 3.
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  1. Having an XML or CSV file for script related configurations is the better approach


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