How to solve Puzzle part-3

This page is for fun. I am writing this page so that freshers as well as seniors can think logically.I don't think freshers need to panic during 1st round of interview --the written test where the puzzle use to puzzle them.Everybody if we try to solve 5 puzzles per day and 60 days of preparation is taken, that is more than enough to crack an interview.

Lets talk about Puzzle

  • In a small town, there are three temples in a row and a well in front of each temple. A pilgrim came to the town with certain number of flowers. 

    Before entering the first temple, he washed all the flowers he had, with the water of well. To his surprise, flowers doubled. He offered few flowers to the God in the first temple and moved to the second temple. Here also, before entering the temple he washed the remaining flowers with the water of well. And again his flowers doubled. He offered few flowers to the God in second temple and moved to the third temple. Here also, his flowers doubled after washing them with water. He offered few flowers to the God in third temple. 

    There were no flowers left when pilgrim came out of third temple and he offered same number of flowers to the God in all three temples. 

    What is the minimum number of flowers the pilgrim had initially? How many flowers did he offer to each God?
let us think he came with x amount of flower and gave y amount of flower to god.
so for the first case
after washing flower it became 2x
now he gave y flowers to god
Before entering the second temple he is having 2x-y flowers

After washing he is having 2(2x-y) flowers
now he gave y flowers to god
Before entering the third temple he is having  2(2x-y)-y flowers=4x-3y flowers

After washing he is having 2 (4x-3y)  flowers

now he gave y flowers to god
after returning from third temple he is having 8x-7y

Now he is having no flower so 8x-7y=0
this only satisfies when x=7 and y=8
So he is having 7 flowers initially and he offered 8 flowers to god.

  • Mr. Wrinkle spent one-fourth of his life as a boy, one-eighth as a youth, and one-half as an active man. If Mr. Wrinkle spent 8 years as an old man, then how many years did he spend as an active man?
let say he lived for x years
so spent x/4 as a boy,x/8 as youth,x/2 as active man +8 years as old.
so x/4+x/8+x/2+8=x
Hence he spent x/2=32 years as active man

  • Three friends divided some bullets equally.    After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division.    Find the original number divided.
say initially they had x bullets each so total number no bullets=3x
Now they had fired 4 bullets each
so total no of bullets remaining=3x-12
After equal division each had x no of bullets
so 3x-12=x
=>2x=12=>x=6 that is original number of divide.
  • A person with some money spends1/3 for cloths, 1/5 of the remaining for food and 1/4 of the remaining for travel. He is left with Rs 100/- .How much did he have with him in the begining ?
Say he came with x amount of money
spent on cloth=x/3
remaining x-x/3=2x/3
spent on food 1/5 of remaining=2x/3*1/5
remaining 2x/3-2x/15=8x/15
travel cost 1/4 of the remaining=8x/15*1/4=8x/60
remaining 8x/15-8x/60 and it is equal to 100
so x=250 
  • Replace each letter by a digit.Each letter must be represented by the same digit and no beginning letter of a word can be 0.

    O N E
    O N E
    O N E
    O N E
    T E N

This is bit trial and error method. conditions are 4E=N there may be a carry
Lets start with E=1 then go on ...
 O =1, N = 8 ,E = 2, T = 7

I prefer this site for such maths...
  • Pathan and Javagal each have a collection of cricket balls. Pathan said that if Javagal would give him 2 of his balls they would have an equal number; but, if Pathan would give Javagal 2 of his balls, Javagal would have 2 times as many balls as Pathan. How many balls does Javagal have
Let, No. of balls Pathan has= x

         No. of balls Javagal has= y
Given, x+2 = y-2       =>y = x+4
And, y+2 = 2( x-2)
  • y+2 = 2( y-4-2)
  • y+2 = 2y- 12
  • y = 14
  • Hence, no. of balls Javagal has= 14
Puzzle source-software_jobs yahoo groups
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