Why Client Side Applet is over??

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Hi,I am very new to Java.our text book starts with an applet, So far I understand this is client side applet. But in practical life nobody writes applet(as per our sir). Can you explain me why??

Hi Rini
Thank you very much for writing me!!!.I am really happy to help you with this regards.

  • What happens,when we try to access a page which is having applet embedded in it,the byte code of the applet starts to download to the client machine.if your applet is small enough then it is beautiful but if it is huge?? yes the downloading time becomes a headache for new techies.
  • Apart from this there is also a compatibility problem.To run an applet your browser has to have the applet compatible. Think about today's scenario,The client side means a laptop,a desktop,a server, a tablet even the new smart phones have the browser facility. All they may not have browser compatibility.
  • Third is the security issue with local applet.The applet , when talking to database ,may give more access to secure data to the user if not coded properly. The client side applet can open a connection to the server which stays behind firewall.Now getting response from server through RMI is a real pain. 
For these reasons the applet -client side is not a good practice while coding.Rather there are several javascript available which will give more great GUI feature.

you know what?? Applet is termed as it runs in client side.But servlet is termed as that java code(applet) runs on server side.Ser-let.!!!

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