Why I like JDeveloper??

There are several tutorial which teaches us that  JDeveloper is the only IDE available for developing a ADF based or Fusion based applications.
I googled a lot on this topic. Initial impression on this tool was not good. Being no other option I thought to download it. Finally I decided to download it and gave a try.
My initial post talks about my first impression.
I have developed few applications on this tool.
Well at this point of time I really like this tool.

What are the features of JDeveloper that attracts me ..

  1. Drag and drop interface
  2. Click to click interface
  3. Much for easy for advanced and new programmers.
  4. Easy mapping for J2EE applications
  5. Visual IDE
  6. Standard features which are very open and extendable
  7. Huge technology support.
  8. Supports different Development approaches
  9. Supports integration with different data source
  10. Integrated Application server.
  11. CSV support.

Benefits in my view:
  • Supports today's trend of developing client server based distributed application using Java,XML,Web services and database primarily SQL.
  • Starting from design ,coding, implementation, testing, profiling,application tuning, to deployment , it supports all the features.
  • Simple design pattern and less infrastructural headache
  • Huge support for different technologies and layers.
  • Support for different development frameworks.
  • Supports developers irrespective of their skills on java
  • Support from different development forum, knowledge base and tutorials.
Why I like JDeveloper?? Why I like JDeveloper?? Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on January 31, 2012 Rating: 5

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