Amazon web services introduce Dynamo DB

Recently there is a trend to use some other database other than SQL(any form) while going for a distributed database or cloud base system. The recent news of Twitter goes out of SQL gives us confidence to use a database other than SQL. The recent addition to this news may be the introduction of Amazone's Dynamo DB. After Table DB this is one of the great innovation.

Dynamo is a highly available, proprietary key-value structured storage system or a distributed data store. It has properties of both databases and distributed hash tables (DHTs). It is not directly exposed as a web service, but is used to power parts of other Amazon Web Services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.--As per Wiki

On this eve of new technology introduction Amazon is organizing a webinar to learn more about Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL, highly scalable, SSD-based, zero adminstration database service in the AWS Cloud. They'll explain how DynamoDB works and also walk through some best practices and tips to get the most out of the service. After the presentation, they 'll be answering questions from the audience.

If you are interested for this webinar please  Register Here  and hear them saying about the topic.

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