How You Can Make JDeveloper faster?

Most of time developers struggle with the speed of JDeveloper. I visited several forums. I heard them saying that it sucks up RAM. So the next question we can make JDeveloper faster?
Well lets understand why JDeveloper is slow and eats up your RAM.When we install JDeveloper ..It asks us to select a Role for further use.We generally select Default Role.

Default Role gives us the support to use all the technologies. While giving us better support it actually loads lots of technologies into main memory.
Which is again not required for us.As I said it is highly customizable environment. We can always customize it as per our need. One basic approach could be to change our Role!!

How to change Role??

There are two ways you can change your role and tell JDeveloper what you need mostly.
1. Either when it asks to select the role on the first startup
2. Or you can navigate to tools-->Preferences and select your role.

You can always switch between the roles but remember if you change the role to Default then it is going to eat up your RAM little bit. After all  it has to support your need for complex technologies.

This is how you can go ahead and change your role.My suggestion is to select a role which is best suites to you and your requirements.

JDeveloper will automatically customize itself based on that role and remove unwanted items (menus, preferences, galleries, fields,dialog boxes etc). This process is called shaping (which can be controlled from User Interface of the tool also.)

That's it for today!! I will come some more tricks if I get.
Till then Happy coding.
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