Importance of Application Navigator in JDeveloper

Importance of Application Navigator in JDeveloper

When we talk about an advanced editor. We would like to get all the features at a click distance!!
JDeveloper is such an editor. It acts as a simple editor for beginners but same can a go to editor for advanced users.

This post talks about the linkage between casual coder and advanced coder. Being casual coder we do not need to bother about the different sections of JDeveloper.
But when we advance further, we need to know little bit about the different components.
Lets define Application Navigator:
Application Navigator is the basic hierarchical component of JDeveloper which consists of 

  • Projects
  • Application Resources
  • Data Controls
  • Recently Opened files
having one click features like-
  • Expandable (selected component expandable)
  • minimizable (selected component minimizable)
  • Restorable (selected component restorable)
  • drag and drop able  (selected component drag and drop able to any side of the main editor)
Project section:
This section talks about all the projects that are being worked on under current project scope.
It is also having its own tool bar to 
  • Show project  properties
  • Refresh project list
  • Filter current scope
  • rearrange all projects
Application Resources:
This section talks about resources like descriptor ,connection meta data etc

Data control
This section gives hierarchical view of all data related elements.It gives us feature to drag and drop functionality to create User Interface components on a page.It shows us View object and methods related to data.As it is having connection with database it also provide toolbar to refresh and display data.

Recently Opened Files:
As we are moving forward , we will be creating more and more pages/applications inside our main projects.
So we need a feature that will give an overview and open-able feature to open our created pages/application s very quickly. Yes Jdeveloper gives this feature. One click open feature for recently developed/opened files.Hope this helps!!

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