VOLUNIA:: A New Search Engine Which might Challenge Google

VOLUNIA:: A New Search Engine Which might Challenge Google.This is product of famous Massimo Marchiori who is called the father of page rank.

He was the creator of HyperSearch, a search engine where the results were based not only on single pages ranks, but also on the relationship between the single pages and the rest of the web. Afterwards,Google co-founders Page and Brin cited HyperSearch when they introduced PageRank....As per wiki
However he has said they are not Google busters but an improve search mechanism provider.“My idea will revolutionize the way search engines work” "If Google uses the cudgel, - Marchiori said- we'll use the foil. We'll emerge through the difference of our engine. And 'cause Volunia will really be useful for everyone". “My search engine is not just an improved version of Google, but it will bring a new perspective. It’s a radical vision of what the future search engine should look like”, However he declined to provide more details. “A big company like Google would have no problem putting 100 engineers to work day and night on this idea, and go out with it on the market before us,” 

 “You can find the secret of Volunia ,”  he says  ” in the slogan I have chosen to launch it “ Try and Meet “: these two words explain very well all the new features  that in five years will be implemented in the normal functions of all the most important search engines.” Now, after a long development, Volunia has become an effective mathematical tool. The trial, which lasted many months, has now ended and the excellent results have confirmed that it was time for the final  ‘coming out‘. The story of how Massimo Marchiori arrived at the finish line seems an obstacle course: “I presented my first algorithm, Hypersearch,  to a congress some years ago, when i was a student” he says. “Larry Page was fascinated and asked me to use it since  Hypersearch was still not protected by a patent. Well, he has developed it very well…”
“Now, despite everything, we are determined and convinced that Volunia will succeed, otherwise we could work on something else. The world wide web is a beautiful and inspiring place.”

Video: Massimo Marchiori presents Volunia, the search engine of the future

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