ADF Framework and JDeveloper are the Driving Force Behind Oracle’s Fusion technology

Driving force for Fusion technology?Well, even if oracle is mainly a database company but with the new cutting edge technology called Fusion is havng support for multiple things..
1. Huge resources are offered
2. Integration with other application is very smooth.
3. Rich user interface
4. Supported by Java,SOA and web 2.0
Oracle jDeveloper is the new edge tool that works for development. 'J' stands for is true but it is not for java only.There is an easy wizard based drag and drop application that provides page designers, simplified property inspectors, and palettes of UI components to take the building of UI pages into the realms of drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG.
Development of SOA services is driven through wizards and visual designers, so we don’t have to manually write configuration files one line at a time. In each of these cases, JDeveloper provides tooling that aids in the generation and manipulation of the source files.
Why ADF framework?keeping the above points in mind, Oracle ADF was built specifically to address this requirement by bringing together a number of sub frameworks and standards to provide an end-to-end, metadata-driven framework for building online transactional processing (OLTP) business applications.It provides flexible abstraction of common, but generic, features over a more complex underlying layer.
well, there are some sophisticated feature also!! this is wizard based, use case driven framework. This is implemented on metadata which is defined on XML.This metadata can be modified in very simple and easy way through XML modification through Jdeveloper.The changing mode is simply drag and drop or few mouse clicks.
It is basically a modified MVC-Model View Controller framework which supports Model,Object relational mapping,default operation,validation through simulation,View, Lot of UI component sets, Rendering,programming, solid and changeable look and feel,task flow etc.
A View of ADF Architecture:
Photo courtesy: (tutorial)
 Advantages of this framework could be-
  1. Wizard based.
  2. drag and drop
  3. easy xml changes
  4. Less coding skill required while designing.
  5. Clean separation between code, logic and wizard. So application specific logic based codes can reside in separate beans.
  6. all most none of the cases you need to modify the the source.
  7. Less manual touch point so less human error.
  8. The metadata is read at runtime, and is not compiled at design time, we can swap in and out different metadata for different deployments without having to recompile all our Java code.
Important aspects of ADF:
This framework is divided on four major components.
  1. ADF-BC(ADF-Business component)- This makes the application highly database centric.So any application can be built on top of predefined database set .
  2. ADF Model(ADFm): This is the component which acts the connector between view and business logic layer.
  3. ADF View(ADFv): This component creates the view on top of JSF. This is a very rich faces of UI design
  4. ADF Controller(ADFc): This is the steering part of the ADF. It determines the flow and control transfer.

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    ADF Framework and JDeveloper are the Driving Force Behind Oracle’s Fusion technology ADF Framework and JDeveloper are the Driving Force Behind Oracle’s Fusion technology Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on April 21, 2012 Rating: 5

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