How to Create Entity Objects Diagram in ADF

In my last post I have already described how to create Entity Object. In this post I would like to go more details with EO(Entity Object).
Step-1 Click on File—>New
Step-2 Navigate to ADF Business Component in the left hand pane and select Business Components Diagram. Click OK.
Step-3 Provide Name and proper package. Click on OK.
Step-4 Now there are two ways to draw this…
Steps-4.1- Drag already created EO from  Application Navigator page.
Step 4.2—Drag Entity object’s components from Component Palette . Also the Property Inspector can help us to support this activity.
Step-5 Now drag/Create one more EO. Now it can be defined the relationship between them. If that is already defined(if you drag), the relationship is automatically drawn.
Step-6 If you right click on these EO , We can get more details.

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