When Automation Will Grow Up?

Test automation surely gives lot more benefits to the organizations.
Yes ,during regression testing , retesting automation testing gives comfort to the test engineers.It saves manpower,resources,and time most importantly money.
Whatever tools available in the market, all they replicate manual testing. All the steps predefined are recorded and performed by all matured tools. 

But in my view all these expensive tools are very limited in terms of automation services.
1. I have seen one script is used to do functional automation testing, again, little/ no modification of the same flow in different tool in different scripting language called performance testing script. what is the problem here?? For testing two different aspect management cost is going high. If this is one aspect of automation failure, there are more ...
2. Even if automation follow the manual flows but do they really replace manual testing??
No they can not ...the main problem here is that automation can not decide what to do next. That is thinking of next step is not there.All the predefined steps are being executed.
Well, what is the problem here? the coder's disability to understand the decision point?? or tool disability to scope that ??
 3. The third point I noticed about automation testing that the inability to test end to end testing. Say I am working on an eBusiness application. There are so many back and forth ...addition and deletion of products before price. User might cancel all the product and check out.  May opt out . Only predefined cases can be tested by automation. I have seen from the experience automating only few cases only make an application dangerous. 
4. Another important aspect of my beloved automation is that it can not reform itself with the the change request during agile method. As a result either new requirements are not covered or the code becomes outdated.
5. From my experience automation still needs Subject Matter Experts helping hand. We automation test engineers try to relay on the SMEs. As a result, common cases are covered.But there is no way automation can reduce SMEs.
Automation community needs to go long way to be an effective solution to Testing.
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