A Small Note on VBA-Visual Basic for Application

VBA: Visual Basic for Application is portable language that can manipulate Microsoft office Application like-Word, Access, Power Point, and outlook. Why I am writing on VBA???
If you do a job that does not need much human decisive brain but repetitive in nature, A VBA macro automation can help you to reduce time and human effort. Increase your productivity too. When I said a VBA Macro …definitely the question come as what is a macro??

Macro:A macro is a piece of code which has a capability to automate MS office suite. Initially a programming language which was having capabilities to execute a sequence of command in MS office Suite is called Macro language.

How it is developed?
Please do not confuse with VB(Visual Basic ) with VBA(Visual Basic Application ) to start with. Way back in 1960 when BASIC((Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was born. It became hugely popular among the software industry. After a great success, people wanted a user friendly  version of it. The first customized version of the BASIC was quick BASIC released by Microsoft in 1985. After understanding the need of the customer and support Microsoft office package in 1995 Microsoft released the first version of VBA.

What kind of task can be automated through VBA??
·         Recurring Tasks
·         Repetitive Tasks
·         Automatic update or refresh
·         If you need your own function that will support your activities
·         Greater look and feel
·         Control lot more applications through one point

Common Problems of VBA:
·         Most of the times Macros are very week
·         Macro created on one version may not work in other version of MS packages
·         Sometime it is windows dependent. I mean Macro created in operating system may not work in other operating
·         It can be concern as security threat.

How to access Macro:
·         Open any MS office application(word,Excel etc)
·         Go to view tab
·         Click on Macro drop down
·         Click on view macro to see if any macro is already there
·         Or click on record macro to create a new one

Well what you need
You don’t need to have anything else other than a MS office package. It is inbuilt inside of a MS office.
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