6 Cool New Features in Microsoft Socl

Microsoft Launches New Social Networking site-called Socl. After Google’orkut , Facebook ,myspace,tagged,hi5, Here is Microsoft’s turn to go for social Networking site. Well primarily this site is for students!!.
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But current post is to check out  what new features Socl has introduced.

1. Posting a Post: Well , now you can create post that is visible in your post section.

 2. Wall is divided into 2-3 columns which has posts along with comments.Most interestingly we don't need to login to see the posts

3.Lot more interests to hangout and get related contents.

4.Finding people and follow him is much more easy
5.We can also check our popularity with the tab-me.
6. Parties tab is to check out the cool videos.

 With these feature So.cl looks very cool!!! Let me know what do you think about this social platform.

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