RedHat is Renaming Popular JBoss

Red Hat the open source solution provider is planning to change, it's one of the great product Called JBoss.

As per JBoss  community, there is a contest going on for the proposed name. Red Hat is going to announce the final name by early 2013.Red Hat is planning to change the name of the upstream community edition of JBoss, and is allowing the community to vote on the new name. Same as the community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is renamed as Fedora.

The product name-JBoss is too closely associated with Java,The current capabilities of JBoss supports greater diversity for languages and platforms. According to Wikipedia, the software was launched in 1999 by Marc Fleury as a free software project named EJB-OSS (Enterprise Java Bean Open Source Software), implementing the EJB API from J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition).

 "Sun Microsystems asked the project to stop using the EJB trademark within its name, so EJB-OSS was then renamed JBOSS, then JBoss later."

Current Languages supported by JBoss are Clojure,Ruby,Scala,ceylon. As per RedHat,Customer may choose any of these language as per their choice. They call this as a polyglot Approach.With respect to the languages supported by JBoss and polyglot approach, the name JBoss is bit old and outdated. Lets see how RedHat changes JBoss.
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