Exception Handling Mechanism of Webservice Testing

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Those test engineers who are from any tools background will call this as Exception handling but it is popularly known as fault handling mechanism.Even though Web service follows SOAP protocol to send message,there might be scenario where it might encounter faults. In Traditional way web service sends the fault message as a part of response to service consumer.

The elements could be:
1. fault code: The code is very similar like web faults(404,500 etc).So seeing the code one can understand what kind of fault has occurred.
Popular fault codes could be..
a. VersionMismatch
b. MustUnderstand

2.faultString: More details about the fault which is understandable by human.

3. faultactor: This provides an information who is primarily caused the fault

4. details: More details view of the fault.

The above written notation is applicable for SOAP V1.1 but in SOAP V1.2 the naming convention is changed without its explanation. Click here to know more

  • faultcode is Code
  • faultSring is Reson
also it might have optional elements like--
  • Node
  • Role
  • Details

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