What Is JSON??

Java Script Object Notation(JSON):
Apart from SOAP and REST protocol there is one more data exchange  system available. The messaging system is similar to XML. It is based on Javascript Language. JSON uses key value pairs to catch up and carry data.This is also lightweight.

Advantages of JSON:
1. Lightweight
2. Similar to XML so easy to understand
3. Faster and easier to parse
4. Language independent
5. Only plain text and self describing
6. Supports ajax

Disadvantages of JSON:
1. No end Tag
2. Mostly uses array to implement key value pair

Example of JSON as per w3School:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<h2>JSON Object Creation in JavaScript</h2>

Name: <span id="jname"></span><br />
Age: <span id="jage"></span><br />
Address: <span id="jstreet"></span><br />
Phone: <span id="jphone"></span><br />

var JSONObject= {
"name":"John Johnson",
"street":"Oslo West 555",
"phone":"555 1234567"};


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