Groovy What Is It??

Groovy is a language to start with but it is a super version of Java which can use all Java's enterprise capabilities with some other extra features.

It cam be used for code coverage. It is having various libraries for mocking[3rd party and built in].

It supports

  • Hudson
  • Teamcity
  • Anthilpro to call a groovy code
  • Code narc for code code Matrics
  • ANT,Maven,GMaven,GANT,Cradel like Build tool

Groovy=Java-Boiler plate code
+ Optional dynamic typing
+Domain Specific Language
+Object Oriented
+Optionally typed
+Support Operator Overloading
+literal decleration for List
+Support for maps,ranges,regular expressions
+Efficient Object Navigation
+Supports of Groovy Bean
+Grep and Switch
+Template builders
+Supports CI[Continuous Integration]
+Supports Build tools

When Java imposed lot more restrictions around itself,Groovy came to fill up the limitations of java.The moto of Groovy are-

  • Write once use anywhere
  • Automatic memory management
  • dynamic nature that gives users the options to modify code,augment the code,change the pattern of the code during run time/compile time
  • Works on JVM
Similar languages to Groovy are
  • Jython
  • JPearl
  • Scala
  • Clojure
  • JRuby
  • Small Talk
Now some advantages of Groovy:
  • Easy to learn and Develop
  • Good candidate if the application is built on Java
  • Mostly use inside JVM that bypasses the GUI[Mainly used to bypass GUI and create testdata]
  • Support polyglot Language
  • Easy,plug and play

Few disadvantages:
  • Need JVM
  • Less useful if the UAT is developped in .NET,phython,PHP
  • Ruby is a close competitor
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