How To Install Groovy In Windows

Where do we get Groovy?
take the latest Binary Release . Download that one as zip.

Unzip the zipped content. It looks like the below screen shoot:
Now how to run the groovy..
1. Open the cmd.
2. Navigate till to the path where the Groovy is installed.
3. Go to the bin folder
4. write groovyConsole in cmd.
5. It will open the console [Screenshot given below]

Now for this way,we always need to navigate to the installed folder and give the command. The second way , which I like is to add them to the path. Create a path variable called GROOVY_HOME.

  1. Press Windows + Break key combination
  2. Click on Advanced System Settings
  3. It will open System Properties
  4. Click on Advanced Tab.
  5. Click on Environment Variables.
  6. Go to System Variable section. Click on New... button
   7. Find the Path variable in the list of system variables and append or insert the %GROOVY_HOME%\bin; string to it

Just open command from
and give command as groovyconsole.

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