10 Steps To Perform Just After A Fresh ATG Installation

Post Installation Just after the ATG successful Installation ,We must follow some additional steps in order to trouble free the test run or explore.

Step1: Access Rights and TAB Security:
Make sure that you use the same user for installing all the components of ATG. I mean GID and UID Should be same for all installation.Next, you must give read write permission for the folders. Do not attempt to open BCC and CRS in the same browser with two tabs

Step2: Create new roles via BCC
Login to BCC—>Internal Users—>organizations and Roles—>Global roles—>New Role

Step3: Ensure Smooth Full Deployment:

Navigate to the path: /work/ProductSetup/install/ATG/ATG<Version>/home/servers/CA/localconfig/atg
Create a directory called search
Under search create a file with the name “SynchronizationInvoker.properties” and add the below content to this file.
host= <ATG Installed Machine Name>
port= <RMI Port>
Step4: Increase Connection pool size from default to 40 or 50.[For WebLogic Server]
/console/login/LoginForm.jsp">/console/login/LoginForm.jsp">http://<VM Name><Port Name>/console/login/LoginForm.jsp
Go to Domain structure->Basedomain ->Services –> Datasources [for ATG prod(PROD) and ATG publishing (CA) servers].
Connection pool
Step5: Increase JTA Timeout value:
Go to Domain structure -> Services –> JTA Increase the time out from default to 300 Sec
Step6: Restart all the servers so that these can take effect
Step7: Ensure Full Deployment is done.
Navigate to BCC--->CA Console—>Configuration--->Add Site—> Go to details Tab. Put the site name as Production or publishing or staging.
Go To repository mapping. Map each repositories correspondingly. It is very easy.
Repository Mappring
Go to Agent Tab—>Give Agent name as “prod” or “pub” or “stag”
Set the transporting URL as rmi://<VM Name><prod port Number>/atg/epub/AgentTransport Now add config file system and hit save. Click the make changes live in the link situated in the left hand panel.Do a full deployment.
Step8: Ensure BaseLine Indexing is done Correctly:
Login to Dyn/admin--->Navigate component browser-->atg-->commerce-->endeca-->index-->ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin
Click on Baseline Indexing. Check for the all tasks in Completed status.
Step9: Do a Promote content:
<Path of the Endeca>endeca/APPS/<APP Name>/control
Run Promote content here
The out put should be
[userName]$ ./promote_content.sh
[09.04.15 01:42:24] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.
[09.04.15 01:42:24] INFO: Definition has not changed.
[09.04.15 01:42:24] INFO: Exporting MDEX tool contents to file <APPName>.mdex.2015-09-04_01-42-24.zip
[09.04.15 01:42:25] INFO: Exporting resource '<URL of the App>' to '/<Path of the APP>/data/workbench/application_export_archive/AppName/AppName-09-04_01-42-25.zip'
[09.04.15 01:42:27] INFO: Finished exporting resource.
[09.04.15 01:42:28] INFO: Job #: update-dgraph-1441356147969 Sending update to server  - file: /tmp/soap-mdex7168188776996975300.xml
[09.04.15 01:42:28] INFO: The request to the Dgraph at Endeca Server was successfully sent. The return code was : 200
[09.04.15 01:42:28] INFO: Begin updating Assemblers.
[09.04.15 01:42:28] INFO: Calling Assemblers to update contents.
Update the following to your Publishing localconfig to ensure incremental change tracking is done properly on the IncrementalItemQueueRepository.Navigate to work/ProductSetup/install/ATG/ATG10.2/home/servers/CA/localconfig/atg/ commerce/search/ProductCatalogOutputConfig.properties
Uncomment targetName=Production
Navigate to /work/ProductSetup/install/ATG/ATG10.2/home/servers/CA/localconfig/atg/commerce/endeca/index/CategoryToDimensionOutputConfig.properties
Uncomment targetName=Production
Restart the servers.
Check here for CRS toubleshoot
image credit:www.dpwaterer.com
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