Bike Trip To Vijayawada- A Nice Weekend Trip

Ever since we[Me and my wife ] completed Srisailam trip, we gained more confidence on biking. Long drive on my beloved pulsar180. During last December,2014 travel ghost had drove us crazy about a new capital of Andhra Pradesh -Vijayawada. The name of the city translates to 'place of victory'.It is home to the region's largest railway junction. As per mythology ,Arjuna was blessed by Lord Shiva at the top of the Indrakeeladri Hill and after that Arjuna created Vijayawada. According to another myth, Goddess Durga rested here after killed a demon and that is why the place got its name. We heard that the road was good. We started on a sunny morning to venture Vijayawada. Since we were in motorcycle,we could not opt for Outer Ring Road.We had to take the route inside Hyderabad city. In the morning that too very cold,we started. The road was empty.
Within 2 hours of drive we reached the end of Hyderabad. Our travel map is given below:
While going,we crossed one more biker ,with all covered with travel gears with a red flag. I felt there might be crazy enthusiastic guys like us, still existing in Hyderabad. We were very happy to see this dude.

We stopped for our breakfast in  a road side dhaba,the same dude arrived there. He also ordered for dosa. Being curious I went  ahead and saw this guy. To my surprise he was an elderly guy aged around 70+ heading towards Vijayawada. Upon talking we came to know he was none but our Kaleem Ma(sir) [Xbhp lead]. He said that he was travelling to Hoogly, a district in West Bengal.

He was very happy to see us travelling in motorbike with full gears.After Dosa and hot tea we headed towards Chottuppal.Thanks to NHAI and Vijayawada Highway authorities. The road was really nice. We maintained a constant 70KM speed.

We stopped for a roadside dhaba near Chotuppal for quick tea. My bike also was looking for some rest. Post that we went to Suryapet. Then we stopped at Kodad for some food.Pulsar was pulling 70+KM always. Road was great.Just before Kondapally we refueled our motorcycle.

We reached Vijayawada at around 2PM. We had a booking in budget hotel called Executive Inn.
We took some rest. Post lunch we went to  PVP mall . KFC and hot coffee from barista made our day. We came to hotel for dinner. The hotel did not have any kitchen facilities but arranged food for us. The andhra meal was too good.
Next day we went to Narasimha Temple,top of a hill.The way was too good.Ghat road.The view from temple was very good.
Then we headed towards Mangalagiri town for famous cotton bazar . After little bit of shopping we went to Undavalli cave. The road was not so good. The tarmac was not in all the places. Well,after reaching there,we found that this was a nice cave with lots of local idols and a huge idol of Lord Buddha.Govt was protecting this decaying Buddhist land for years.

Our last visiting place for the day was Rajib Gandhi Park. I would say this was a must visit place in Vijayawada.Mostly crowded by local couples. But there was an wax art exhibition, many of which were microscopic in size. We literally had to see them under lens.We enjoyed most of these.

Then we went to Lenin statue bazar, famous bazar  in Vijayawada. We ended second day travelling. At hotel we took dinner same andhra meals.Little spicy but tasty. Those who are veg have an option called Minerva Grand hotel. Otherwise you can go to same PVP mall and have KFC or Handi biriyani. There are Chinese options as well.

Third day, we went to Haritha Resort at Vijayawada,just on the bank of Krishna River. I would strongly suggest to stay here if you are travelling to Vijayawada. We kept our bike and took ticket for Bhavani island. This is an Island just on the middle of Krishna River. Scenic beauty was just great.A ferry used to transport between main land to Bhavani Island.

 This is the doc where the ferry dropped us.
 The journey in ferry. In holiday, it is crowded and full of people.
 Haritha resort at Bhavani Island. It was superb.
 Food was not only great but also superb, There were very limited facilities but food was delicious.
I must say try biriyani or egg fried rice with chicken curry.
 After Andaman,I saw tree house here. All facilities including TV,Inernet ,AC,room service were available.If somebody wants to spend time in the lap of nature , this was a perfect place.

 Water sports complex at Bhavani Island. I must say this was a superb initiative by tourism department.Boating,water biking,rowing were few options.

This was how Vijawada looked from the Island.
After spending around 4 hours we came back to mainland -vijayawada,We went to Prakasam Barrage and went to Kanaka Durga temple..I must say,it was a great arrangement. Devotees could go by walking or they could take auto or cars to go to top.  The beautiful temple lied on top of Indrrakiladri Hills and enshrines Goddess Kanaka Durga. The hill offered some amazing view of the city along with the river. There were two routes to the temple.The first one was the stairs leading to the temple which was difficult and arduous.While going we took this route.It was around 500+ steps. The other route was driving up the Ghat road. Local legend claimed that Arjuna, the mighty warrior from the Mahabharatha, received his divine weapon, the Pasupatha, at this site and after getting the weapon, he constructed the temple to honor Goddess Durga. There were three lines VIP,Normal and Free. VIP was costing Rs 500,then 100 and then free. We took VIP ticket for a VIP darshanam.
It  was a smooth journey to see goddess Durga. We took some prasadam for my office colleagues. Now the last journey was kondapalli fort. Here google map started drama. It took us just the opposite side of the hill and showed us the rock climbing way to reach there. :) Since we went by bike, we dropped the plan . We came back to the main road with a broken heart. We refueled our bike and casually asked the petrol pump guy for the way to Kondapalli fort. This guy showed a way to go to the fort. We headed towards kondapalli fort. While going from Hyderabad it was just before the kondapalli circle.There was an engineering college near by.At that time they were making the road and a big construction was on the way. So the road was broken,full of pot holes. Just before the fort , a muddy clay road went left side,

We missed it,We started to climb further to for the fort. We reached Dooradarshan center Vijayawada. The guards guided us to fort. Finally almost at last we reached fort. It was a closing time then. We requested the ticket collector and this guy seemed to be great. He accepted our request and showed us the fort . He acted as a guide ,costed us 200 rs.However the view of sunset was unforgettable.

We had some quick snacks and tea just outside of the fort.After the sunset the kondapalli ghat road was scary. Just then my Hella projector and beloved pulsar assured us a safe journey down to kondapalli junction.We ended the journey by taking same andhra meals.

Next day, we started in the morning from Vijayawada and reached Hyderabad by after noon.It was a memorable long drive with my wife on our pulsar180.
Bike Trip To Vijayawada- A Nice Weekend Trip Bike Trip To Vijayawada- A Nice Weekend Trip Reviewed by Animesh on October 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. really motivating us to go.
    Great couple. Made for each other.
    Expecting Srisilam experience too.


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