10 Best Features of HP Sprinter That Helps Manual Testing

Since inception, Quality of an application is considered as an essential part. Despite of all modern or advanced methods of automation the oldest way to test is manual. It is ugly too.It is not fading. Rather it is the prime area where we look for quality. When lot has been done towards sophisticated and systematic  automation testing, the manual testing is still in stone age . The traditional manual testing is still having weapon like-Excel to document. word to capture the testing details. Ms-paint,snipping tool to capture screenshots.Current -HP ALM,Rally,OATS etc test management tools managed to bring manual testing organized but they were not enough. There are lot of scope to improve this area.

Here is a list of 10 best features that will surely lift the manual testing to a new standard.

  1. Scanner: This is one of the out of the box feature called scanner. By running it it tells you the potential defects. like-spelling problems,broken links,localization rules and World wide web consortium compliance.
  2. Data injection: This feature is very easy to use and uses an animated way to put all data(predefined). This is kind of auto fill feature . This saves huge manual insertion time. It reduces manual time as well.
  3. Easy Integration with Mobile:It supports native mobile applications using HP mobile center. It converts the manual tests to automatic tests for mobile.
  4. Planning: Easy test plan creation is one of the core features of Sprinter. We can create and edit manual tests and business components by sprinter plan.
  5. Easy learning: User friendly design of sprinter make it easy for manual testers and other stakeholders by providing a clear view of the step information,navigation steps,modification steps etc. Even a newly joined semi skilled tester will be able to work with this model.It provides two way of viewing an application-One- normal view- More details and less application screeenshots. Two- Detailed View-Sub title view to see application less details. 
  6. Navigation: A manual tester can move between tests without interrupting the current test flow. Sprinter saves data into serialized manner. So switching between different tests gives a competitive advantages over traditional systematic automation testing.It provides an easy way to cross platform and cross browser testing.It can identify the changes in attribute and can raise defect.
  7. Easy documentation: It documents every action performed on an application by manual tester.this auto documentation feature saves huge time for testers. Sprinter records user actions. These actions can later be converted to manual test cases with proper steps information. So no testing goes undocumented.  Testers do not need to reinvent the wheel. Testers can edit them at any given point of time.
  8. Parameterization: Ability to edit parameters during a test run in another important feature of Sprinter. This also gives a competitive advantage over automation. So different types of testing null value checking,Boundary value testing, length checking, information correctness can be done easily.It is having an excellent feature called macro.  
  9. Defect submission:   It provides an automatic way to log a defect in ALM with proper descriptions,step info,screenshots etc. If the team does not have any ALM application ,it submits the defects to defect tracking system. It submits a defects into two ways. One- Open a smart defect -does everything in backend and asks us to submit the defect. two-At the end of the execution,it alerts us to submit a defect. The test flow need not be halted during defect capture. We have also the smart annotation on a screenshot. A set of repetitive tasks can be done via  a macro. 
  10. View Test result: It comes with a story board that shows different actions performed in the test along with screenshots. We have an option to provide comments to it,raise defect out of it.
10 Best Features of HP Sprinter That Helps Manual Testing 10 Best Features of HP Sprinter That Helps Manual Testing Reviewed by Animesh on December 20, 2016 Rating: 5


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