A Weekend Trip To Warangal:: Weekend Gateway From Hyderabad

way to laknavaram
As many travelers already suggested to go to Warangal in Monsoon season,I followed them. In the month of August 2016, we planned for warangal trip.The attractions were:

  1. Bhadrakali Temple
  2. Thousand Pillar Temple
  3. Warangal Fort
  4. Laknavaram Cheruvu
  5. Pakhal Lake
  6. Kakatiya Musical Garden
  7. Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Ramappa Lake
Let me give little introduction of warangal :
It is situated around 150 KM away from hyderabad. It is an important city with lots of industries coming in. The great kakatiya dynasty made it more beautiful. As they excelled in arts,you can find   lot of subjects with great piece of art.It is well connected from other cities of Telengana. Plenty of options to go to warangal.You have trains ,bus , ola,uber connecting warangal  from hyderabad.You will get lots of options to stay like hotels,stay in,paying guest etc.
The only point I want to make here that it is not a tourist city. Hence transportation options to the tourist spots are little less.Auto is the major mode of easy transport in this city. You can get lots of autos outside of the railway station or inside the city. But be prepare for negotiation for rate as you are an outsider.
Again please keep your expectations less as the service in the hotels are moderate.Do not take things for granted. Hanamkonda is a nice place to eat out and visit. road side food is tasty.

There are lot of political problems in the recent time. So you have to plan your route correctly.Keep 2/3 alternate options ready (just in case). The best time to visit warangal is OCT to DEC. Hence we choose August.If you are going in summer, You  need to carry extra water bottles and a sunscreen cream can save you from scorching heat of sun.

Lets come back to our journey:
There were two cars:
  1. Ford Figo Diesel
  2. Grand i10-Petrol
The travellers were:
  1. Animesh-Behind Ford
  2. Sourabh-Behind i10
  3. Devopriya
  4. Madhurima
  5. Anindita
  6. Moumi
  7. Amitda
  8. Riku
Car testing:
Next day, I reached out to my service adviser Quazi from fortune ford tollichowki. He heard my journey details and sent my car for inspection. Most importantly,he himself did this checking. He tested the wheels,tyres and brake condition. Tested the battery and all other necessary things, only a ford expert can understand.As ever, I trust this guy blindly. Most importantly, he never tried to snatch money from my pocket.He handed over the key with a smile and assured that my figo was ready for 650KM+ journey.  My ford was ready for a long journey.

Day-1:Hyderabad->Ghatkesar->Alair->Kazipet->Hanmakonda->Laknavaram Lake


August brings a cool weather in hyderabad with lots of rain. Temperature starts dropping a bit. It gives a pleasure to drive in August in hyderabad and around of It. We planned a two day trip to warangal .Surprisingly, the weather was terrific. no sun, quite cloudy, breezy, also a little cool which was a perfect recipe for a long drive.We were all set for the long drive. We started at around 7:30 AM in the Saturday. We drove till ghatkeswar via outer ring road from TSPA and then took warangal highway. Toll costed- 70 Rs one-way. Road was excellent till bhangir. Then normal state highway started. So far I remember I got one more toll plaza in the entire route.Post crossing bhongir, we stopped for breakfast. It was a fine hotel with an option to accept credit card. Then we drove to Kazipet. Stopped at a small tea stall for tea. Finally reached at Haritha just before reaching Laknavaram for lunch. Next 10 KM drive from main road to the lake was nice.Full of jungle and greenery.We checked in Laknavam Island hotel[Haritha]. We enjoyed hanging bridge and 3 times boat ride to the beautiful lake.
Few Snaps of the journey:
Starting : Via ORR:
Journey in ORR
Breakfast Hotel:
breakfast time

View From Haritha Hotel:
From Haritha
Hanging Bridge of laknavam: This is an excellent piece of engineering. If a gang goes on it,it starts swinging.
Hanging Bridge

Boating at lake:The view of the lake was breathtaking.The lake was full of lush green surrounded by hills everywhere. (During monsoon)
view from Boat Journey
Morning View from Hotel Room:
Morning View frm Haritha

Haritha Hotel Review at Laknavaram:
This hotel is inside an island maintained by Telengana tourism.So you have to book that prior from their online portal.As it is maintained by govt, please don't expect a warm welcome with welcome drinks. However the security will be helpful. They will carry your luggage till the rooms. The rooms will not be ready before hand. After you check in , cleanup activity starts. At least it happened to us.But after 15 minutes of waiting we got a decent clean bed,working AC,TV with Cable connection,a clean bathroom with geyser. We got 4 rooms ,facing the lake. It was nice to look at the lake.The immediate view from the hotel room was fabulous. There were 4-5 rooms with 2/3 guard, I suggest you to go in a gang. There is an option to bonfire but due to rain we could not opt for the activity. Also we did not have a singer and guitarist in our gang.(No offence to  Moumi)

They had two kind of fooding options..

  1. Room Service
  2. Cafeteria Service
As we were in a gang of 7 travelers,we preferred the second option.There were a lot of menus in the menu card.But very few were available.We selected from what were available for that day. Haritha hotel served snacks at around 5:30PM. It was awesome,less spicy.We ate a lot. Later at 9:30 PM they served the dinner. The cook was nice and did not understand hindi but made such nice dishes that recharged us once again. Do not forget to try -Fish curry,Fish Fry(local) ,Chicken Curry and hot rice. Remember to order the food well advance.

Breakfast was complementary for us. (Check before you book). I heard from my friends, they did not serve complementary breakfast for them.Lucky we!!.  

Those who booked this hotel can go inside near the gate. Rest have to park their vehicle outside and have to walk to the entry gate. Since we had booked the rooms there,there were no entry fee but for others they had to book a ticket costing Rs 10 INR. Boat riding cost was 150 Rs each ferry /per head and it was 30 minutes ride.The night had a different beauty. The reflection of moon on the lake was just awesome.
There was one RO treatment plant inside of the Island. But I would suggest to buy water bottle from them or carry.
The island is protected with mesh-net but that was having lots of gaps.It was said that there are crocodile in the lake. So be careful with your kids and before you jump in the lake for a swim.
During night lot of flies entered into our room which forced us to switched off the light for few minutes. After half an hour, we were accustomed with the situation.
Do check the lock of the rooms and window. One of my friend reported the lock of the window was not working for them.
Next day we wake up at around 8:30 AM. They served Tea at rooms. After the tea , we went straight to cafeteria for breakfast. We knew a long drive was coming. We checked out at 9:30 AM and started next day driving.
  1. 103,104,105 were the best room there. So try to get those.
  2. The area seemed to be secure. After 6PM the security did not allow anybody inside island.
  3. They did not  have dedicated covered parking. Better if you carry car cover with you. But they allowed us to drive inside main gate near the bridge.
  4. Mostly there were no network. Only airtel worked.

Day-2: Laknavaram Lake->Ramappa Lake->Pakhal Lake—>Warangal Fort—>1000 pillar temple—>Ghatkeswar—>Hyderabad

Journey to Ramappa lake:
Journey to Ramappa
Ramappa Lake: journey towards the Ramappa lake was just fabulous. The road condition was ok.
The more we advanced towards the  lake more the beauty of the nature flashed. Finally we reached the lake. There was a boating-facility available. It was Rs 30 INR/per head per trip for 15-20 mins of boat ride. Since it was raining, we had to drop the plan.

Ramappa temple was beside the lake. it was built in 12th to 13 th century. We were spell bound by the beauty of the architecture of the temple. Even the sculpture was superb.The structure were made block by block. A superior example of ancient three  dimensional work. Unfortunately no body was preserving the great work.This superb piece of engineering survived many natural calamities, including earthquake.

We reached here  at around 11:30 am and started our journey to pakhal lake at around 12:30 pm.
 There were no snacks stall available near the temple. (may be we went in a wrong season)
Ramappa Lake

It took almost 2 hours to reach to pakhal lake. The only bad thing happened to us was to save our 5 KM,google diverted us to a muddy road.It was a horrible experience. Both the cars were skidding left and right. After a lot of off roading test, we finally reached to the original road. Initially we thought that the lake was situated in a remote corner, hence without asking the locals we took the road.Seeing the good road, everybody were happy.

We did a little off roading again to reach to the last point of motorable road. It was very near to the lake.This place had a haritha hotel long back. This is the 8th best lake of the world and 2nd best lake in India. It was told that the great kakatiya king engineered this lake for drinking and water for irrigation for nearby 4 mondals.Not sure why tourism department was not giving importance to this lake. The best part was to watch sun rise or sun set.

 But the worse part was there were lot of drunk people on the bank of the lake which made us to leave. We clicked some quick photo and started our journey towards thousand pillar temple. It was dusk so we left our plan to visit sanctuary.If you are planing to go here, go early. It is worth visiting the sanctuary. It is having deer,cheetahs,tigers. If you are travelling late the sunset can be a very good option. However it was a treat for eyes,lenses.Since   we were late we dropped the plan to go to waterfall nearby called-Bhoinum.If you are going for jungle visit,don't miss the taste of GIRIKA TADDU KALLU- a drink available in village.

During the journey Somewhere in the roadside:Somewhere
We came back to fort at around 4:30pm,Sun god showed us some mercy. He gave enough lights to check the musical garden and the fort. The best part was this garden has a good toilet facility. They were selling snacks.Since the sun god was with us,we took lots of pictures. There was a laser show. Due to bad weather and less number of visitors, it was cancelled for that day.

In this journey, a good thing happened. We were taking tea from a tea stall outside of the garden, We came to know this guy has a connection with kolkata. He goes to kolkata once in 6 months. He could talk in bengali. Wow,We found him!!!.

After that we went to hawa mahal. it was in ruin state now. Nothing was left out. But good for history student like us.
Our last leg of the travel was to go to thousand pillar temple. It was constructed from 11th century to 13th century. It was constructed during king Rudra Deva. It was a master piece of arts again with block by block stone.It was built is the shape of a star. This is famous for for extensive curve and thousand pillars.When we visited most of it's parts were under construction/renovation. We could only go to the main portion of the temple. Photography was not allowed here in the main temple. So we had to click outside. There were charges to enter(10 rs /head),camera (30 rs) and parking (25 rs/car).
We went to nearby KFC for lunch at warangal at around 6:30 PM. Then our return journey started. We reached at around 11:30 PM at ghatkeswar.We came back with lots of memories.
Total journey: 630 KM
Total diesel/petrol-35 litre
Total Toll-180 Rs

A Weekend Trip To Warangal:: Weekend Gateway From Hyderabad A Weekend Trip To Warangal:: Weekend Gateway From Hyderabad Reviewed by Animesh on December 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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