HP-Sprinter a Major Boost for Manual Testing

Today we can not think QA without automation. Can we? No. The paradigm is shifted towards automation. But the records  shows that monkey testing or exploratory testing finds major bugs than systematic automation testing. History also shows that most of the exploratory testings are lost as lack of documentations or no proper steps found.Manual testers get many bugs thinking out of the box. Think about modern applications , they need to run on any or every well known devices.Testing on these devices in the monkey way to detect bug will take huge time for manual testers.
Until now project managers are forced to accept the the sluggish and slow nature of manual testing. On top of that manual testing is tedious, error prone and time consuming.

HP Sprinter has come up with a solution for manual testers. It is  a good news to the QA community. It accelerates, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of testing in QA way.
Let us see the major challenges in manual testing:

  • Creation of testcase takes time
  • Parameterization of testcases are time consuming and costly.
  • Data management is often mismanaged
  • Execution is tame taking process
  • Testers need to follow the test steps and execute in systematic execution which is tedious and boring.
  • Repetitive steps documentation kills execution time.
  • Testing in multiple environment is a headache.
  • Documentation of testcases,writing,designing,execution,result update ,bug reporting with screenshot is a painful process.  
  • No exploratory testing as time does not permit in most of the scenarios. Even if we have time, documentation for exploratory testcases takes time
There are several issues with bug logging as well. They are as follows:
  • Bug description is incomplete most of the time.
  • Bug information is misleading.
  • Bug reproduction is often time consuming process
Process wise challenges:
  • Repetitive steps to perform
  • Need to take screenshot while testing.
  • Cross testing-working with multiple screens and tools is not possible
  •  Manually entering large volume of data to validate
  • Semi -automatic automation process
  • No tractability or automatic logging 

Now think about a scenario where if manual documentation can be automated? you do testing and steps can be documented automatically.How good it will be if the bugs will have proper steps documented or with proper screenshot or with video capabilities?How sweet it will be if manual testers do not need to enter data manually in a page? if a tool can prefill the data on behalf of manual testers? Eventually manual testing speed will go high and cost will go down. Isn't it?

Yes , HP has come up with a tool called Sprinter that will solve these issue.It is just not another tool that will support testing. It is a standard for manual testing.
key advantages:
  • Real time view of the applications
  • Exploratory defects can be translated into words,steps to reproduce with screenshot and video documentation
  • Can automate test data entry-Auto playback and auto data injection
  • Can work on multiple platform
  • Can reduce the offshore onsite or development and testing team ping pong of effect by providing correct and accurate steps documentation.
  • Faster execution support.
  • Speedy defect resolution.
  • Delivering test result faster
  • Record detailed testcases
  • Easy to use and obstructive
  • Visually capture and record all test actions
  • Can log defects automatically

HP-Sprinter a Major Boost for Manual Testing HP-Sprinter a Major Boost for Manual Testing Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on December 15, 2016 Rating: 5

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