Top 8 Down Sides of HP Sprinter

No tool is ultimate and constant.It is ever evolving world. I have explained HP Sprinter here.[] Also given the top features of sprinter here[].
In this post I am jotting down top 8 improvement areas of HP Sprinter.

  1.  Learning Curve:  Still it is not plug and play tool.We need to learn the tool in order to use it in day to day basis.The learning curve depends on the team's ability to pick. This aspect can turn the ROI down.
  2. Resource Hungry system:  It needs 4 GB of RAM to run smoothly and the .exe size is also very huge-400MB. Apart from these lots of space got wasted due to screenshots.
  3. Human Judgement:  It still needs human judgement to qualify a defect.It is not auto logging into ALM or any defect logging system. No native support for native JIRA , Rally,version One integration.
  4. Limited Browser support: Very less support for IE(Version 10 or greater) , chrome,Firefox,safari and desktop.Browser cookies must be enabled. 
  5. Focus Shift:  Due to its huge size and thanks to its tools bar size, it may easily distract testers.As more and more exploratory testcases become part of the systematic testcases. The importance or the shift is bound to change.
  6. No Great Support for OpenSource: Sprinter is having no or very minimal support to opensource testing tool-like-Selenium.
  7. Less Manual Page Support:  Currently this area is limited to 3-4 pages. But for a such industry ready tool, we need to have minimum 40-50 pages.
  8. Others:  There is no patented visualization board and no centralized recording repository.
Top 8 Down Sides of HP Sprinter Top 8 Down Sides of HP Sprinter Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on December 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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