All About Class Boolean in Java

This class allows coder to define primitive type Boolean for an object. An object of type boolean can contain a single filed whose type is boolean.
Below are the details about the boolean class:

public final class java.lang.Boolean extends java.lang.Object{
//Member elements of the Boolean class
public final static Boolean FALSE;
public final static Boolean TRUE;
public Boolean(boolean value);
// creates a Boolean object initialized with the value provided as an argument.
public Boolean(String Str);
// Creates a Boolean object initialize with the value TRUE if the String argument provided is not null and is equals to ignore case to the String //"True", Otherwise creates a boolean object initialized as false.
public boolean booleanValue();
public boolean equals(Object obj);
public static boolean getBoolean(Sting str);
public int hashcode();
public String toString();
public static Boolean valueOf(String s);
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