All About Interface Enumeration in Java

An object that implements the Enumeration interface generates a series of elements,one at a time. Successive calls to the nextElement() method which returns the successive elements of the Enumeration series, methods are provided to enumerate through the elements of a vector, the key of a hashtable and the values in a hashtable.Enumerations are also used to specify th einput streams from a sequenceInputStream.

for printing all elements of a vector myVec:

for(Enumeration e=myVec.elements();e.hasMoreElement())
The interface looks below:

public interface java.util.Enumeration{
public abstruct boolean hasMoreElements();
//returns true if the enumeration contains more elements and returns false if the enumeration contains no elements
public abstruct Object nextElement()
//returns the next element of this enumeration. It can throw NoSuchElementException if there is not element present.


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