All About SecurityException in Java

SecurityException is thrown from an application to indicate that a security violation has occurred. Security Manager throws this exception. This is mostly applicable for Applet.
This exception is thrown by some methods in system package when one attempts to call a method that will perform ac action not allowed by current security settings of the browser.(This happens when java code tried to run in Applet inside a browser). This can also be thrown if the program denies permission when prompted to allow an action such as -writing to a file.It is very difficult(almost impossible ) for a hostile applet programmer to create a virus(potentially unsafe). If we try to do something like this, this would violet security inside of an applet and this exception is thrown.

The structure of the SecurityException is given below:

public class java.lang.SecurityExceptionextends java.lang.RuntimeException{
public SecurityException();
//constructs an empty SecurityException object that is an object with no message specified.
public SecurityException(String message);
//constructs an SecurityException object with the message specified.

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