All About Class DataOutputStream in Java

DataOutputStream lets an application write primitive java data types to an output stream in a portable way.An application can then use a DataInputStream to read the data back.

The structure of class DataOutputStream is given as:

public class extends implements{
//Member element
protected int written;
//the number of bytes writes to the DataOutputStream
public DataOutputStream(OutputStream out);
//Creates a new DataOutputStream to write data to the specified output stream
public void flush();
public final int size();
public void write(byte b[],int offSet,int length);
public void write(int b);
public final void writeBoolean(boolean b);
public final void writeByte(int v);
public final void writeBytes(String str);
public final void writeChar(int v);
public final void writeChars(String s);
public final void writeDouble(double d);
public final void writeFloat(float f);
public final void writeInt(int v);
public final void writeLong(long l);
public final void writeShort(int i);
public final void writeUTF(string str);
In addition,all methods may throw an IOException if an IO error occurs apart from their regular Exceptions.
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