All About Class Insets in AWT in Java

The Insets object is representation of the border of a container.It specifies the space that a container must leave at each of it's edge.The space can either be a border,blank space or a title.

public class java.awt.Insets extends java.lang.Object implements java.lang.Cloneable{
//member elements
public int bottom;//Insets from the bottom
public int left;//Insets from the left
public int right;//Insets from the right
public int top;//Insets from the top
public Insets(int top,int left,int bottom,int right);
//creates and initializes a new Insets with the specified top,left,bottom and right insets.
public Object clone();//returns a copy of this insets
public String toString();//Returns the string representation of this insets.
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