All About Class Window in AWT in Java

A Window is a top level window having no border and no menu bar. It could be used,for example to implement a popup menu.The AWT sends the window all mouse,keyboard and focus events that occurs over it.The default layout of a window is BorderLayout. The class structure of the class Window is given as below:

public class java.awt.Window extends java.awt.Container{
public Window(Frame parent);
public void addNotify();
public void display();
public Toolkit getToolkit();
public final String getWarningString();
public void pack();
public void show();
public void toBack();
public void toFront();
public Window(Frame parent);
It constructs a new Invisible window.the window behaves as a modal dialog where it blocks input to other application window when shown.Use the show() method to make the window visible.
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