Why We Should Love Java??

Advantages of Java:

  • Platform independent.-read more here
  • Multithreaded-read more here
  • Secure-read more here
  • Easy development for large applications.
  • Simple
  • Portable
  • Robust(No memory related tasks)--read more here
  • High performance-The most commands of one CPU machine matches with mostly others.read more here. So java developers have come up with basic building blocks of assembly programming,which makes interpreter faster.
  • Support Internet Access Capabilities
  • Support distributed computing.
  • Java has no pointer for users. The referencing and dereferencing of objects is handled by compiler and garbage collector automatically.Java does not allow us to manipulate pointers or memory address.It does not allow us to cast object or array references into integers or vice versa.It does not allow us to do pointer arithmetic and also does not allow us to compute the size of bytes of any primitive type or object.
  • Java being a free form language,does not need indentation. It always look for the line separator (;) a semicolon to divide the statements. However we must write a human readable format while coding ,hence we need  indentation.

"I love java";
//is equivalent to 
There are several styles available for java. All if syntactically correct are accepted by compiler.
Tools available in java

Tool Comments
JDK Java development kit
Javac The java compiler
java The java interpreter
javadoc Generates the API documentation in plain HTML format from Java source code
appletviewer A java interpreter that executes java applet
jdb The java debugger-it helps in finding and fixing bugs
javap The java disassembler-displays the accessible functions and data in a compiled
class file.It also displays the meaning of the byte codes.
javah Creates c header files that can be used to make c routines that can call java routines or make c
routines that can be called by java program.
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