All About Class CheckboxGroup in AWT in Java

CheckboxGroup groups a set of check buttons.Exactly one checkbox button in a CheckboxGroup can be in the "ON" state at any given point of time.Pushing any button turns it in and forces any other button that is "ON" to become "OFF".When a checkbox in a checkbox group is clicked,AWT sends an action event to that checkbox.This event's target is the checkbox and its object is a value equal to Boolean.TRUE.No action event is sent to the checkbox(if any) that is turned off.An application should override the action method of the checkbox or one of its parent containers in order to cause some action to occur.
The class structure of the CheckboxGroup is given as:

public class java.awt.CheckboxGroup extends java.lang.Object{
public CheckboxGroup();// default constructor,creates a new CheckboxGroup.
public Checkbox getContext();
public void setContent(Checkbox box);
public String toString();
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